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Paranoid Delusions Of Eugene Delgaudio

Paranoid, delusional Christian Liar Eugene Delgaudio

All I can say is “Wow”.  Christian leaders will stop at nothing to beg for money.  Eugene Delgaudio claims he’s spent $800,000 fighting the Evil Homosekshuls™ who are constantly calling and stalking him and his family.  And now, says he, the constant death threats have turned into “actually” trying to kill him.  Yeah, Delgaudio says these things are happening but he does not elaborate one bit (because he’s fucking lying).  Just his wording alone makes it clear what a shameless liar and con artist he is.  The man is either truly paranoid and delusional (all of these people act that way), or he is deliberately spinning fantastic tales to con people for their money (they all do that).  The more that these religious leaders speak out, the more it shows what they are.

From Joe.My.God.:

“As the Radical Homosexuals gain more and more ground in Congress, my hands are tied. Life here in Washington has been a virtual Hell for me. I put off sending you this email for a while because I didn’t want to worry you. You see, I’ve gotten death threats and I never take them lightly. But when they go beyond threatening and actually try to kill me, it’s a whole different story. There’s more my friend.

“In the past, strangers follow my family around town. Idling cars sit across the street at all hours of the night. The threatening phone calls, the death threats and the outrageous lies… oh, it’s endless… but thank the Lord for He truly blessed me with a family so strong, so brave… and yes, so supportive! I’ve taken precautions to protect my family. Some things I’ve told you about, but some things I must keep confidential or they’d be in more peril. Will you pray for my family and me? That the Lord would keep us safe? I covet your prayers!” Eugene Delguadio, executive director of the anti-gay group, Public Advocate Of The U.S., in a lengthy paranoid and bizarre email requesting emergency donations because he’s spent $800,000 (riiiight) fighting the homosexual menace.

If you want an even bigger laugh, check out some more of his “homos are out to get me” paranoia.

ROFL @Delgaudio!  No, the “endless outrageous lies” are what comes from Delgaudio and other pathological liars like him.  And, why does he need to suck money out of believers, anyway?  Shouldn’t his gOd and the prayers of the faithful be enough to protect him from any harm, and most certainly from the Evil Homosekshuls?  That’s what one would think.  That’s what the Buy-Bull says.

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