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Pseudo-science And Religion: Drapetomania To Homomania

On their Facebook page, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) says that being gay is a mental illness.  It’s true because they say so!  Read the comments over at GoodAsYou; there are some excellent, well thought-out critiques on NOM’s pseudo-scientific claims.

It is really appalling to examine the lengths that religious extremists will go to justify their bigotry and hatred, and using their Bible to do it — I’ve discovered the term “drapetomania” (2nd paragraph below the Facebook screenshot).

“I believe …”, begins the quote by Louis J. Marinelli III, of NOM, and that is all it takes for a christianist to declare something as fact.

"I believe ..." turns anything into fact for christianists, with no regard for mountains of scientific data from medical, psychological, and social research findings.

Well, then what would one call the “mental illness” with the symptoms of refusing to be treated worse than garbage and having one’s basic human rights legislated away?  I think what I have, then, is “homomania”, ‘cuz the fantastic lies these people spew make this homo crazy-mad.

Physician Samuel Cartwright (1793-1863) coined the term "drapetomania"

In the 1800’s, when slaves had the annoying habit of running away from their masters, the Louisiana physician Samuel A. Cartwright “diagnosed” this “mental illness” and coined the term drapetomania.

His reasoning was that since God created some people to be slaves, that their NORMAL inclination (in caps, like in the NOM post shown, it helps to make it true), their NORMAL state of mind put there by God, was to be subservient to their masters.  Therefore, the “unnatural” desire to run away from their masters must be a mental illness.  Emphasis added:

Cartwright described the disorder — which, he said, was “unknown to our medical authorities, although its diagnostic symptom, the absconding from service, is well known to our planters and overseers”[4] — in a paper delivered before the Medical Association of Louisiana[5] that was widely reprinted.

He stated that the malady was a consequence of masters who “made themselves too familiar with [slaves], treating them as equals.”[6]

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NARTH Lifts Their Luggage To Philadelphia, Met With Protest

Photo grabbed from JMG's gallery

Yesterday was the annual NARTH convention, held this year in Philadelphia.  You might remember the recent “Rent Boy” scandal with one of NARTH’s founders and board members, Dr. George Rekers.  NARTH

See photos of the bigots and read coverage of the protest at GoodAsYou, Joe.My.God. (and here), TruthWinsOut.

Read also ZACKFordBlogs, “

Love this from Joe.My.God.:

Today I participated in the Truth Wins Out protest at NARTH’sannual convention in Philadelphia, where TWO’s Wayne Besen led a chanting crowd of activists on the sidewalk outside their host hotel. Many of NARTH’s attendees took turns peering at us from the windows, but hid from us (in shame) otherwise. However Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber, a speaker at the event, spent quite some time glowering at us from the front sidewalk.

When I first arrived, I got some shots of NARTH attendees inside the hotel, causing one to rush over yelling that I’d be arrested for “stalking” if I didn’t leave. Which I did, but I still got to “stalk” some of these baby-killers out to their cars, as you’ll see below. The tall bald guy is Christopher Doyle, an “ex-gay” who is on the board of PFOX and who is on staff with “ex-gay” whackadoodle Richard Cohen as a “Sexual Reorientation Coach” at the International Healing Foundation. If that wasn’t enough for this professionally “former” cocksucker, he writes newspaper editorials arguing againstthe Day Of Silence. Anyway, I don’t think pillow-whackerRichard Cohen has totally gotten Doyle in touch with his “natural masculine nature,” because when I kept taking photos, Doyle put his hand on his hip and hissed, “I don’t need this. Why don’t you just sssssssstop!”

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British Medical Association: “Conversion Therapy” Is Harmful

The British Medical Association has passed a motion asking the NHS to halt any funding for “ex-gay” “conversion therapy” programs. [pardon my having to use the “scare quotes”]  It has already been deemed harmful by the BMA, and in the U.S. by the APA and other peer organizations, yet this dangerous fraud is still allowed to continue under the guise of “religious freedom”.  Not only is it damaging, but there have been several cases worldwide of sexual abuse perpetrated on the client by these so-called counselors and therapists, most of whom have been booted from professional organizations, if they had any real credentials at all.

The NHS should not fund “discredited” conversion therapy for homosexual people, representatives at the BMA conference have voted.

The BMA has called on the Department of Health to investigate cases where it seems that conversion therapy has been funded with NHS money to prevent it happening in future.

Conversion therapy is treatment directed at helping gay and lesbian people modify their sexual orientation to heterosexuality.

Speaking for the motion, junior doctor, Tom Dolphin said, “This isn’t about therapy designed to help reconcile people to their sexuality, which is laudable and appropriate. I’m talking about therapy aimed at changing that sexual orientation.

“Conversion therapy does not work, and can be actively harmful. Sexual orientation is such a fundamental part of who someone is that to attempt to change it will just result in significant conflict and depression, and even sometimes suicide.”

“You can’t just wish away same-sex attraction no matter how inconvenient it might be.”

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Prop 8 Trial Exposes Harmful “Ex-Gay” Therapy

N.A.R.T.H.'s Nicolosi's work is "empirically vacuous"

Nicolosi's work is "empirically vacuous"

On Wednesday, Ryan Kendall testified in the Prop 8 trial about the horrors he endured at the hands of N.A.R.T.H. and his evangelical christian parents.  The kid’s mother must gotten advice from these sick fucks .  It is absolutely disgusting what these people did to their own kid, all in the name of their invisible god.  The name of god allows them free license to practice psychology without one.  Without the legal protection of “religion”, these abusive “therapies” would be shut down and their operators imprisoned.

Joseph Nicolosi of NARTH

Discredited Dr., Joseph Nicolosi of NARTH

While at NARTH, Kendall said his family rejected him:

I went to NARTH from 14-16. My entire life changed. Before NARTH, parents put notes in my lunch, made my lunch. After, they abused me emotionally. Mother told me she hated me, that I was disgusting, repulsive. She wished she’d had an abortion rather than having a gay son. She said she wished I’d had Down’s syndrome or been born retarded.

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Almost Half Of Americans Think Being Gay Is A Choice

Not surprisingly, the poll (of only 1,001 people, by polling institute Angus-Reid) pretty much matches the divide over gay marriage.  Yep, I know that it is difficult for some folks to understand, but being gay is NOT a choice.  The choice that I made was to stop lying to myself and others around me.  The choice I made was to accept what I could not change.  I put myself through my own private hell denying it, like we all do, but once I accepted it, my life got a whole hell of a lot better.  One day I’ll write about it. Continue reading

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Christianist Fake Psychology damning another kid to a Lifetime of Hell

Tyra Banks, of whom my opinion is pretty low, had this kid on her show, the one who was the subject in the YouTube gay demon exorcism religious child abuse ritual.  Anyway, I read about this on JMG and PHB.

This poor kid is going to be fucked up the rest of his life if he does not face the REALITY that he is queer.  Listen to the programmed crap coming from his lisping lips. He has no choice but to conform to the church or be cast out.

This child-abusing church, the Manifested Glory Ministry of Bridgeport, CT, this “Prophetress” McKinney brainwashing this poor kid —  it is a travesty.  And she gets away with it because Freedom of Religion is freedom to practice legalized child abuse.  This poor kid, this sixteen-year-old KID is coerced into believing that this woman is a goddamn prophet.


Sad.  Very, very sad.  But, at least Tyra spoke reality 9and I’m no fan) … good for her saying she doesn’t believe the ‘conversion’ is real, and that IT IS O.K. TO BE GAY.  He says it like if he says it enough, it will become true.  I knew a guy (cousin of a friend)  who told me how his parents put him through a ‘laying on of hands’ and ‘speaking in tongues’ thing, trying to cast out homo demons.  Scared the shit outta him (the crazy church people) and he got the hell out of there; he left home and got on with his life — as a normal, happy, successful gay man.  Doesn’t look like this Tyra Banks kid is going to fare so well.  It is very sad how many lives “the Church” has ruined with their pseudo-psychology.

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