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Tucson Gets Ready For Westboro Baptist Hate

UPDATE: Westboro Baptist has agreed to not disrupt the funerals of Christina Taylor-Green and Judge Roll in exchange for 30 minutes of free radio air time on several stations in order to spew their Bible bile to more ears.  They said they still plan to protest at the funerals of the other four victims, though.

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Members of the christian extremist cult known as the Westboro Baptist Church are supposed to be showing up at the funeral of nine-year-old Christina Taylor-Green.  No surprise, I guess, but Jesus Fucking Christ … they cannot even show human compassion to a dead little girl.  If only there was a god.

From the GuardianUK (emphasis added):


The church also said of the Tucson shootings: “God hates Catholics.” Green’s family is Catholic.

But Arizona politicians are fast tracking legislation to keep church members 300 feet from the funerals while Tucson residents are planning ways to limit the protest.

The legislation was proposed by a state senator, Kyrsten Sinema, after she read about the Westboro chuch’s plans.

“It is the most disgusting thing I ever read in my entire life. I literally threw up after I read it … I’m like, ‘I’m gonna fix this’,” she told Fox News.

Tucson residents also plan to try and keep members of the Westboro church at bay.

Christin Gilmer has gathered more than 40 volunteers to wear 10 foot high angel wings and stand between the church members and the funeral.

A group of bikers says it will surround the church members.


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Manhattan Declaration And Apple, Inc.

“Help!  We’re being oppressed!” is the constant cry of the far-right Religious Reich.  Crying “victim!” and spreading lies and fear translates into “Give us more money to support our grifter lifestyles!”  Accusing Apple of becoming Big Brother, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), and their cohorts, conveniently forget one very large and very simple concept: First Amendment free speech rights apply to government censorship of speech, not to privately owned companies deciding what ideas they will promote.  Apple has decided that they will not promote hate speech and lies.  They ignore the fact that everyone’s Free Speech has consequences in the public sphere — hate speech is free speech, but hate speech will never go unchallenged.

American Taliban's manifesto

The Manhattan Declaration (there was an app for that!) was promptly removed from the Apple apps store after much outrage from citizens who have respect for human rights.  Go to the above link for GoodAsYou.org’s breakdown of NOM’s latest email blasting Steve Jobs, and a reminder look at the vile, hate-filled document called the Manhattan Declaration, which the Religious Reich tries to portray as loving and Truth™-filled, complete with fluffy puppies and honey dew drops.

The basic tenet of the Manhattan Declaration is that the undersigned pledge to disobey any law of the land that they deem to be against their apparently very fragile faith.  It was drawn up by people who have publicly stated that they want gay people completely shut out of life, shut out of employment, housing, society, or want them imprisoned, exiled, or executed.  All on record.  Also, some of the undersigned have ties with white supremacist and christian supremacist groups.  Never be fooled what these people stand for.

Good for Apple, good for Steve Jobs for not bowing to the demands of the American Taliban.  A good lesson, though never learned, for the likes of NOM, the “Family Research” Council, the American “Family” Association, ad nauseum.

These groups also have zero regard, and mountains of scorn, for any Christians who do not share their hard-line stance.  There are plenty of progressive Christians, people who choose the “love your neighbor” and “do not judge others” parts of the Bible, and reject the “vengeance-kill-destroy” parts; they reject the parts that violate women’s and minorities’ rights and human rights in general.

But these are the Christians who are run over like road-kill, out-voiced by the extremists and fundamentalists, who have taken possession of the souls of many of our congressmen and women, unabashedly working to theocratize the United States of America.  When they’re finished with Teh Gays, so they think, they will then turn on the “lesser” Christians and other religions, and on each other.

They believe that they are above criticism, above reproach.  To question them, to fact-check them and point to their outright fabrications and demands for religious rule, is what they call hate speech.  I, for one, am all for their right to freely hate-speech because it gets their lies all out in the open for public scrutiny and it exposes them for what they are.  They have plenty of their own venues to display their views, but both Apple and their customers don’t want a part in it.

They believe that they are speaking for an actual deity — they are holy and righteous, and everyone else is evil and of the devil and hates god and should be subjected to their religious totalitarian rule.  For this reason, they will never, ever come to grips with the reality of the real world, but they will always have a job.

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Christian Mental Illness On Proud Display

“Don’t be afraid to use words” like ‘mentally ill‘ and ‘sociopath‘ when referring to willfully ignorant and repugnant religious idiots.


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Surprise! Another Hate-Filled Preacher

"It's time to stop burning flags and start burning fags!"

"It's time to stop burning flags and start burning fags!"

This sermon is from 15 years ago.  Pastor Jeff Owens issued an “apology” which you can read at Joe.My.God. Joe notes the apology is sort of hidden on their contact page.

The damage this sermon caused over the years is unmeasurable; it can’t be known, only speculated.  I’d love to be able to dig up police reports from that town in the days after that sermon.  Besides any attacks that could have been provoked by the “godly” words of a sociopathic Man of God™, that attitude gets passed down to children with their parents at that sermon.  What if a parent in that congregation had a kid who was gay, and they believed they had a christian duty to put their kid through a lifetime of hell?

Or, a kid sitting in that sermon who decides it’s then OK to physically harm and even kill other human beings they deem inferior, as long as they invoke the god.  Or the kid who took it to heart and ended up abusing drugs or committing suicide, because this vile man made them believe that they were human garbage.  Words, especially from someone in a leadership position, have tremendous weight.  And these people need to be exposed, it needs to be called out for the dangerous rhetoric that it is.

“We need to stop burning flags and start burning FAGS! We need Hunt-A-Homo Week. We need to take ’em all out and shoot ’em with a scatter shotgun.” – Pastor Jeff Owens.

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Neal Horsley Is Naming Gay Kenyans For Death

This christian sociopath, Neal “Mule-Fucker” Horsley, who was arrested after the YouTube video of his “Elton John must die” protest was posted, is running a website in Kenya that is naming specific people and outing them and calling for their deaths.  This has got to be illegal for a U.S. citizen to post public death threats in another country.

There are efforts underway to get the host, goDaddy.com, to pull the site projectsee.com.  He has his organization there putting up “Not Wanted” posters up in several cities in Kenya; the posters show photos and contact information, in Swahili, for “known homosexuals”.  Below is a really sick photo I got from his projectSEE (Stop Exporting Evil) website.  Now we know what type of men turn Horsley on. These homophobic, closeted types like this always seem to be fixated on masculine, muscular, good-looking men.  They FEAR the homo inside of them so much that they are willing to kill, literally kill, anyone that puts that fear in their faces.  They FEAR what they perceive as a threat to their masculinity because they are not secure in it themselves.

He also targets a gay travel site gay2afrika.com … it appears to be like any other gay travel agency, but Horsley is convinced that they arrange butt-fucking safaris and hunt down children.  He can’t wrap his head around the idea that gay people actually live lives and work and travel on vacations just like heteros do, and they like to do business with gay-owned businesses.  His suspicions of this travel agency are bizarre and would be hilarious if he wasn’t so demented and dangerous because of the influence he is wielding in Africa.


"Arrest Sodomites" - photo on Horsley's website

Photo on Horsley's website - now we know what type turns him on.

Here’s an article by Horsley, “Arrrest Homosexuals – It’s For Their Own Good”, on Dan Savage’s site.  This dude is clearly buck-ass insane.


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FB Page Calls For Lining Up Gays And Shooting Them

Twitter screenshot - shoot gays - names redacted

Twitter screenshot: FB page: "Gays should be lined up and Shot"

The hateful, anti-gay rhetoric that is being tossed around like crazy, keeps getting crazier, and bolder.

This tweet I received this morning, names redacted, reports a FaceBook page entitled “Gays should be lined up and Shot”.  I do not have a FB account, but this makes me want to get one; and I think I will because this is only the latest I’ve seen of the many, many manifestations of intolerance and hatred being fanned out in public.  Ignorance is being perpetuated with intentional false-witness campaigns by the religious right.

The leaders of these well-financed, national Christianist Political Lobbying organizations (who should start paying taxes!) have been coming out full-throttle with public statements regarding the arrest, incarceration, forced “conversion” “therapy”, and even the deportation of openly gay citizens.  It is very alarming and they must be called out and called attention to.  This is hate speech.

Dominion theology proponents have been creeping into our political system for many years now.  Uganda is their societal testing ground for what they would like to see in the United States.

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