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Christian Mental Illness On Proud Display

“Don’t be afraid to use words” like ‘mentally ill‘ and ‘sociopath‘ when referring to willfully ignorant and repugnant religious idiots.


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Ann Coulter On Twitter: “Pederasts”

If it weren’t for the fact that so many people actually like Ann Coulter, this wouldn’t deserve much notice.  Apparently, Barron, of GOProud, loves the fact that Ann Coulter perpetuates the shamelessly willful lies of the christian extremist reich and eqates gay men with pedophilia and pederasty.

Funny thing is, “@bujeeboo” is apparently a heterosexual woman, from reading her tweets, blog and bio, so I’m really not sure how Ann Coulter thinks @bujeeboo (or gay men) would fit the definition of a “pederast”.

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Letter To Tony Perkins, FRC, Ignored

I emailed the following letter to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in response to a public statement by Perkins that homosexuals will “engage in homosexual conduct” and go on raping rampages in the barracks if allowed to serve openly.  Yeh, it pisses me off, since  my partner is a vet, my first partner was a vet, and I have many, many gay and lesbian friends who have served this country in the U.S. military.  Anyway, a day later I received an automated response saying that they would review my letter and get back with me.  Never heard from them for almost two weeks and then it started … the regular email blasts urging my dollars and support to further their cause of hate and lies.  I am going to print this and snail-mail it to them with return-receipt; maybe make a couple changes or additions; I’m sure it will go into the shredder. I’m quite sure they hit the delete key after reading this:

Dear Tony: “Homosexual conduct”? Conduct like … SERVING THEIR COUNTRY, A-HOLE?  But, what exactly are you talking about, Tony?  I have zero respect for liars and people who ignorantly defame  and slander good people whom they DO NOT KNOW.)

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Scott Lively, Martin Ssempa Profiled On ABC

This is thankfully gaining more attention in “mainstream” press.  The direct ties are documented and undeniable: dangerous sociopath Scott Lively’s and other U.S. evangelicals’ ties to the Ugandan anti-gay legislation.  Lively denies all of it; then he’s proud of it, but maintains his innocence; Ugandan officials have given him credit for it; and then they say he wasn’t a factor; then he was …  Lies beget more lies, and these Death Ministers know no shame.

I can’t get the vid to embed, so here’s the link for the BTB post with video.  (Click the link in above paragraph for another blog’s post with video.)

ABC interviews dangerous sociopath Martin Ssempa

ABC's segment on Scott Lively

Clip of sociopath Scott Lively proudly dropping his "nuclear bomb" in Wganda


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Facebook Group: “gays should be shot dead”

Facebook group "gays should be shot dead"

Facebook group: "gays should be shot dead"

What the hell, people, is this a joke?  A Facebook group “gays should be shot dead”.  And it has 27 members so far.  I just now joined Facebook to look for this group, and found this one instead.

Update 3/2: It looks like the pages have been removed.

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FB Page Calls For Lining Up Gays And Shooting Them

Twitter screenshot - shoot gays - names redacted

Twitter screenshot: FB page: "Gays should be lined up and Shot"

The hateful, anti-gay rhetoric that is being tossed around like crazy, keeps getting crazier, and bolder.

This tweet I received this morning, names redacted, reports a FaceBook page entitled “Gays should be lined up and Shot”.  I do not have a FB account, but this makes me want to get one; and I think I will because this is only the latest I’ve seen of the many, many manifestations of intolerance and hatred being fanned out in public.  Ignorance is being perpetuated with intentional false-witness campaigns by the religious right.

The leaders of these well-financed, national Christianist Political Lobbying organizations (who should start paying taxes!) have been coming out full-throttle with public statements regarding the arrest, incarceration, forced “conversion” “therapy”, and even the deportation of openly gay citizens.  It is very alarming and they must be called out and called attention to.  This is hate speech.

Dominion theology proponents have been creeping into our political system for many years now.  Uganda is their societal testing ground for what they would like to see in the United States.

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For The Record, Molotov Mitchell Should Check The Facts First

The most-read Christian website (and the fourth most-read conservative site), WorldNutDaily, posted the below video by WND columnist “Molotov Mitchell” for his “For the Record” rants.  (“Molotov“, the Russian word for big flaming liar)  Why can’t any of these people goddamn think for themselves and do some fact-checking?  It’s pretty obvious that the dood hasn’t even read the text of the proposed Bill in the Ugandan legislature.  After the fold, I want to point out a few fallacies.

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