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Moderate Muslim Scholars Praise Murderer Of Pakistani Governor

Over 500, that’s five hundred, Muslim scholars, who are considered moderates, are praising the body guard who murdered Pakistan’s Punjab governor, Salman Taseer, over his opposition to the country’s severe blasphemy laws.  Cheering lawyers showered flowers on the killer, Mumtaz Qadri,as he was fescorted into court.

Taseer has been criticized, by moderate Muslims, for his support of Asia Bibi, the mother of small children who has been imprisoned for a year for allegedly blaspheming the “prophet” Muhammad, and a majority of Pakistanis want her executed.

This is moderate Islam.  From MSNBC:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Lawyers showered the suspected assassin of a liberal Pakistani governor with rose petals as he entered court. Some 170 miles away, the prime minister joined thousands to mourn the loss of the politician, who dared to challenge the demands of Islamic extremists.

The cheers and tears across the country Wednesday underscored Pakistan’s journey over the past several decades from a nation defined by moderate Islam to one increasingly influenced by fundamentalists willing to use violence to impose their views.

Even so-called moderate Muslim scholars praised 26-year-old Mumtaz Qadri for allegedly killing Punjab province Gov. Salman Taseer on Tuesday in a hail of gunfire while he was supposed to be protecting him as a bodyguard. Qadri later told authorities he acted because of Taseer’s vocal opposition to blasphemy laws that order death for those who insult Islam.

As Qadri was escorted into court in Islamabad, a rowdy crowd patted his back and kissed his cheek as lawyers at the scene threw flowers. On the way out, some 200 sympathizers chanted slogans in his favor, and the suspect stood at the back door of an armored police van and repeatedly yelled “God is great.”

Many other Pakistanis were appalled.


The response from the United States Secretary of State Clinton has been very weak, no mention of the horrific acts being committed in the name of religion, no mention of blasphemy laws, only a generic ‘we-will-help-them-in-their-time-of-turmoil’ bullshit.  Here is a good WashTimes editorial on it.

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Peter Vadala Controversy and Hate-Filled Commenter

Peter Vadala claims he was fired from Brookstone for his “christian” views.  Those “views” included telling a co-worker he “hated people like that” and referring to the woman as a “deviant”.  I really don’t think he should have been fired … the woman doesn’t work at his store, and they could have given him some good ole “diversity training” and told to keep his religion and politics out of the work place.  Or, maybe he was just a crappy employee and this took the cake?  Fox News does a really crappy interview with no opposing side — fair and balanced, for sure.

It reminded me of a chick I worked with (20+ years ago) who started talking about some friend of hers who “had to work next to a homosexual” (tone of disgust in her voice).  She prattled on and on, til she said she just couldn’t understand why all gay men wanted to dress up in women’s clothes, “that’s just disgusting”.  I whipped my head around and told little lady the startling news that she, too, was stuck working next to a gay person and that, No, I’ve never had any desire to put on women’s clothing.  Her jaw dropped as she looked me up and down.  We had quite an interesting talk, broke down all of her preconceived notions about gay people … told her that there were even people in her church who had some kind of gay feelings.  It’s human nature.  And, I’ve been to churches, lots of them.  Of course, she balked at that, because everything in the theist’s world, every reality, every fact, has to be warped and folded to fit inside their tight little box.  If I remember correctly, her little tight box was the FLDS.

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