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More Oregon Faith-Healer Parents Face Charges

Look, I know that the vast majority (OK, I’m assuming it’s the vast majority) of Christians have better goddamned common sense and compassion to know when to not take the Bible completely literally.  But the Followers of Christ Church in Oregon City, Oregon take their faith to the point of severe mental illness and criminal child neglect.  Over the decades, they have filled a graveyard full of their own children.

Because the only good home is a devout Christian home.

Now another couple in the same damn church would have added their 7-month-old baby girl to that graveyard had someone not tipped off the authorities.  The baby’s parents let a tumor grow by her eye, until it got so big it bulged her eye out, pushing it to the side.  Getting bigger and more red and purple, the parents would only pray and anoint the helpless child with goddamned fucking holy olive oil.

And, unbelievably, this man lost his last wife to breast cancer in 2006.  She had never sought or received any medical treatment whatsoever, according to the state medical examiner.  Don’t wanna mess with god’s plan, right?  Now this sick bastard gets him a new wifey, makes a baby that I’m sure was conceived totally only after marriage, I’m sure, because that would just be way too sinful in the eyes of their god.  But, after the baby arrives into this world, no god can help her then, she’s left to total neglect — no, not total neglect, because I’m sure they fawned over her day and night, wiping away the  oozing pus from her eye, anointing her with extra-virgin olive oil and pleading and praying to the goddamned air.

Why?  Why has this church been allowed to continue for decades?  Because it has been taboo to question or criticize Christianity — never mind the endless suffering that it brings.  But it is because of this particular church that Oregon passed a law making it a felony offense for religious freaks who cause harm to children.  But they keep on, praise Jeebus!

This is why unquestioning, blind obedience to religious dogma is dangerous.  Religious extremism is fucking dangerous.  These kind of people are getting all up in our government, either in office or running for office, or influencing those in office, and it is fucking dangerous.  Lou Engle and Cindy Jacobs to name just two — they actually believe that they are literally prophets from God (with the capital G) — they actually believe in all this holy oil shit, and demons, and faith healing, and they are part of the machine working to bring a Christian Theocracy to the United States, and they are very vocal about it.

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Oregon City Faith-Healer Parents Found Guilty

Followers of Christ Church in Oregon City, Oregon

Followers of Christ Church

Alot of folks around here have been following this story for quite some time.  The Followers of Christ Church in Oregon City, OR (20 miles south of Portland) have a graveyard full of children.  Because of them, Oregon changed the law in 1999 regarding the use of faith-healing as a religious freedom defense.  From the article by Andy Parker of the Oregonian (emphases added):

The last time I wrote about the graveyard, in July, I mentioned that with the burial of 15-month-old Ava Worthington — the Beagley’s granddaughter — a fifth row of child graves had been started.

Jeff and Marci Beagley’s granddaughter, fifteen months old, died on March 2, 2008 at the Christian hands of their daughter and her husband, Carl and Raylene Worthington.  Surrounded by praying adults, she suffered horribly while they anointed her with olive oil and performed the laying on of hands.  Not one tried to help the tiny, under-developed girl and she died.  Suffer, the little children:

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