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TN Judge (Magistrate, Actually) Suggests Corrective Rape For Lesbians In Military

Unfuckingbelievable.  This person needs to be put on suspension and submit to a psychological evaluation pronto.  If you want to read serious crazy from someone with some deep-seated issues, read the article at The Daily Caller (link in quote below).

But, first, read below for what the chicken-shits scrubbed from the article. From Raw Story:

The conservative news site The Daily Caller has removed part of an article that suggested lesbians be allowed into the US military so that their male colleagues can “convert” them.

Critics say the article went as far as to suggest corrective rape for lesbians.

“Lesbians should be allowed to serve, gay men should not,” declared Joe Rehyansky in an article published Monday. Rehyansky, an Army veteran who served in Vietnam, is a part-time magistrate in Hamilton County, Tennessee, and a former assistant district attorney.

In the original article, Rehyansky concluded that his lesbians-only policy “would get the distaff part of our homosexual population off our collective ‘Broke Back,’ thus giving straight male GIs a fair shot at converting lesbians and bringing them into the mainstream.


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Letter To Tony Perkins, FRC, Ignored

I emailed the following letter to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in response to a public statement by Perkins that homosexuals will “engage in homosexual conduct” and go on raping rampages in the barracks if allowed to serve openly.  Yeh, it pisses me off, since  my partner is a vet, my first partner was a vet, and I have many, many gay and lesbian friends who have served this country in the U.S. military.  Anyway, a day later I received an automated response saying that they would review my letter and get back with me.  Never heard from them for almost two weeks and then it started … the regular email blasts urging my dollars and support to further their cause of hate and lies.  I am going to print this and snail-mail it to them with return-receipt; maybe make a couple changes or additions; I’m sure it will go into the shredder. I’m quite sure they hit the delete key after reading this:

Dear Tony: “Homosexual conduct”? Conduct like … SERVING THEIR COUNTRY, A-HOLE?  But, what exactly are you talking about, Tony?  I have zero respect for liars and people who ignorantly defame  and slander good people whom they DO NOT KNOW.)

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Tony Perkins, FRC: Evil Homos Want To Rape Our Military!!1!

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins at the Value Voters' Summit

Family Research Council's Tony "Gays-will-rape-my-ass" Perkins

Christian white-supremacist Tony Perkins will not cease with his idiotic and laughable gay-panic rants and his outright lies and slanderous statements.  He pretends to believe (how can someone be this dense?) that deviant, sex-hungry, homosexual rapists want to go on a crazed frenzy and defile their fellow servicemen.  Most people know how full of shit he is, and so do most of the military, but too many ignorant dense followers just lap it up like gravy.

“Last night in his State of the Union Address, President Obama repeated his call for Congress to repeal the military eligibility law that was passed in 1993, and to allow homosexual conduct within the ranks of the armed forces.

“This would put our military in the strange position of actively recruiting personnel who have an expressed intention to violate the Uniform Code of Military Justice (which still prohibits certain forms of sexual conduct, including homosexuality). Forcing soldiers to cohabit with people who view them as sexual objects would inevitably lead to increased sexual tension, sexual harassment, andeven sexual assault. America’s military exists to fight and win wars –not to engage in radical social engineering.”

Dear Tony: “Homosexual conduct”? Conduct like … SERVING THEIR COUNTRY, A-HOLE?  But, what exactly are you talking about, Tony?  I have zero respect for liars and people who ignorantly defame  and slander good people whom they DO NOT KNOW.)

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