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Manhattan Declaration And Apple, Inc.

“Help!  We’re being oppressed!” is the constant cry of the far-right Religious Reich.  Crying “victim!” and spreading lies and fear translates into “Give us more money to support our grifter lifestyles!”  Accusing Apple of becoming Big Brother, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), and their cohorts, conveniently forget one very large and very simple concept: First Amendment free speech rights apply to government censorship of speech, not to privately owned companies deciding what ideas they will promote.  Apple has decided that they will not promote hate speech and lies.  They ignore the fact that everyone’s Free Speech has consequences in the public sphere — hate speech is free speech, but hate speech will never go unchallenged.

American Taliban's manifesto

The Manhattan Declaration (there was an app for that!) was promptly removed from the Apple apps store after much outrage from citizens who have respect for human rights.  Go to the above link for GoodAsYou.org’s breakdown of NOM’s latest email blasting Steve Jobs, and a reminder look at the vile, hate-filled document called the Manhattan Declaration, which the Religious Reich tries to portray as loving and Truth™-filled, complete with fluffy puppies and honey dew drops.

The basic tenet of the Manhattan Declaration is that the undersigned pledge to disobey any law of the land that they deem to be against their apparently very fragile faith.  It was drawn up by people who have publicly stated that they want gay people completely shut out of life, shut out of employment, housing, society, or want them imprisoned, exiled, or executed.  All on record.  Also, some of the undersigned have ties with white supremacist and christian supremacist groups.  Never be fooled what these people stand for.

Good for Apple, good for Steve Jobs for not bowing to the demands of the American Taliban.  A good lesson, though never learned, for the likes of NOM, the “Family Research” Council, the American “Family” Association, ad nauseum.

These groups also have zero regard, and mountains of scorn, for any Christians who do not share their hard-line stance.  There are plenty of progressive Christians, people who choose the “love your neighbor” and “do not judge others” parts of the Bible, and reject the “vengeance-kill-destroy” parts; they reject the parts that violate women’s and minorities’ rights and human rights in general.

But these are the Christians who are run over like road-kill, out-voiced by the extremists and fundamentalists, who have taken possession of the souls of many of our congressmen and women, unabashedly working to theocratize the United States of America.  When they’re finished with Teh Gays, so they think, they will then turn on the “lesser” Christians and other religions, and on each other.

They believe that they are above criticism, above reproach.  To question them, to fact-check them and point to their outright fabrications and demands for religious rule, is what they call hate speech.  I, for one, am all for their right to freely hate-speech because it gets their lies all out in the open for public scrutiny and it exposes them for what they are.  They have plenty of their own venues to display their views, but both Apple and their customers don’t want a part in it.

They believe that they are speaking for an actual deity — they are holy and righteous, and everyone else is evil and of the devil and hates god and should be subjected to their religious totalitarian rule.  For this reason, they will never, ever come to grips with the reality of the real world, but they will always have a job.

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Pseudo-science And Religion: Drapetomania To Homomania

On their Facebook page, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) says that being gay is a mental illness.  It’s true because they say so!  Read the comments over at GoodAsYou; there are some excellent, well thought-out critiques on NOM’s pseudo-scientific claims.

It is really appalling to examine the lengths that religious extremists will go to justify their bigotry and hatred, and using their Bible to do it — I’ve discovered the term “drapetomania” (2nd paragraph below the Facebook screenshot).

“I believe …”, begins the quote by Louis J. Marinelli III, of NOM, and that is all it takes for a christianist to declare something as fact.

"I believe ..." turns anything into fact for christianists, with no regard for mountains of scientific data from medical, psychological, and social research findings.

Well, then what would one call the “mental illness” with the symptoms of refusing to be treated worse than garbage and having one’s basic human rights legislated away?  I think what I have, then, is “homomania”, ‘cuz the fantastic lies these people spew make this homo crazy-mad.

Physician Samuel Cartwright (1793-1863) coined the term "drapetomania"

In the 1800’s, when slaves had the annoying habit of running away from their masters, the Louisiana physician Samuel A. Cartwright “diagnosed” this “mental illness” and coined the term drapetomania.

His reasoning was that since God created some people to be slaves, that their NORMAL inclination (in caps, like in the NOM post shown, it helps to make it true), their NORMAL state of mind put there by God, was to be subservient to their masters.  Therefore, the “unnatural” desire to run away from their masters must be a mental illness.  Emphasis added:

Cartwright described the disorder — which, he said, was “unknown to our medical authorities, although its diagnostic symptom, the absconding from service, is well known to our planters and overseers”[4] — in a paper delivered before the Medical Association of Louisiana[5] that was widely reprinted.

He stated that the malady was a consequence of masters who “made themselves too familiar with [slaves], treating them as equals.”[6]

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Equality California Finds Noose Hung On Door


image from EQCA Facebook page

This is what it’s all about.  No matter how it’s packaged and marketed, no matter how loudly they preach about their “christian love”, what this is all about is raw hatred.  Their “culture war” is waged on adults, but the casualties are kids who have to grow up and live in this world.

Kids see and hear this hatred being spewed by religious leaders and preachers who then pass it on to teachers and parents.  Kids take this hatred to heart.  Bullies take these lessons on hatred and act them out.

The toxic leaders of the Religious Reich refuse to accept responsibility for the messages they preach that snuff out children’s hopes for life and a future; these vile Men and Women of God™ even blame the children for the treatment they receive.  Their message: gay kids deserve bullying, torment, death and hellfire.


NOM supporter's sign

Maggie cannot figure out what her organization is doing that would cause anyone harm.

Well, Equality California found this noose on their door a couple days ago, called in to report it and the officer told them “Sometimes you just have to live with being a victim”

Then the officer told them his car was broken into once, because, you know, getting your car stereo stolen is just like someone coming to your door and suggesting you should kill yourself.

The sign pictured is one that a NOM supporter displayed at one of their Indiana stops on their Hate Bus Tour.

via JMG

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Evan Wolfson To Maggie Gallagher: Discrimination Has Consequences

Maggie Gallagher Srivastav of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) recently made a statement in the New York Post trying to brush off any culpability in the Religious Reich’s anti-gay hatred that drives teens to end their lives.

One of NOM’s supporters brought this sign to a NOM anti-equality tour bus stop a couple of months ago:

NOM supporter's sign

Maggie cannot figure out what her organization is doing that would cause anyone harm.

But for the life of her, Maggie Gallagher Srivastav cannot figure out what her organization, or any of the christianist organizations, could be doing to make teens not want to live anymore.

Nope, no reason at all!  After all, she and her cohorts are wonderful,  gentle, loving christians.

Well, Evan Wolfson, founder and director of Freedom to Marry, fires back on Maggie Gallagher Srivastav.  Here’s his letter:

Face it! Discrimination has consequences.

Dear Ms. Gallagher:

In your October 20th New York Post column attempting to take me to task for pointing out the damage done by anti-gay discrimination and the destructive message it sends to gay youth, you wrote, “These kids need help, real help. They should not become a mere rhetorical strategy, a plaything in our adult battles.”

Yet in that very column and, of course, in your continued use of anti-gay prejudice and rhetoric to advance your political agenda, you use young people in just that way.

In state after state, week after week, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) young people hear anti-gay organizations like your “National Organization for Marriage” (NOM) characterizing gay people as “depraved” and “immoral” and denigrating gay youth for embracing an “unhealthy sexual identity and lifestyle.” You have opposed non-discrimination laws and even legal support for LGBT youth, exclaiming that being gay is a “dysfunction” that people should work to “overcome.”

Even as you note many of the harms endured by LGBT youth, you continue to campaign relentlessly for the legal discrimination that reinforces their inequality and sense of isolation and that licenses other people to look down on these young people and their dreams of full and equal participation in our society, including a lifetime commitment to the person they love.

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Marriage Equality Is Not A Threat In Iowa

Starting with the quote that torques me:

“They shouldn’t be allowed to marry,” Maggie Gallagher, chairman for the National Organization for Marriage, said in an e-mail. “They shouldn’t be allowed to redefine marriage to mean whatever relationship (they) choose.”

First off, I’ll refrain from saying “Maggie, go fuck yourself!”. I think it’s fair to claim that, according to the definition of “traditional” marriage that Maggie holds, it’s considered “untraditional” for a woman to use her ‘maiden’ name (Gallagher).  It is also very un-Biblical for a self-professed Christian woman, like Maggie Gallagher Srivastav, to dishonor her husband by refusing to use his name.

As Jesus Christ is the head of the Church, so the husband is the head of the wife, and both are to submit to Christ, which Maggie Gallagher Srivastav is clearly not doing.

The law should reflect Biblical Principles™ controlling the personal relationships of every citizen — that’s what these fuckwits want — so it should be the law that the woman must take and use her husband’s surname to further preserve the sanctity of Traditional Marriage — Maggie Gallagher Srivastav should not get to redefine traditional marriage.


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Christians Will Fall For Anything And Then Lie To Defend It

Christians will fall for any damn thing; just slap on the Name of Jesus™  and you can fool all of ’em almost.  It worked like a charm for Carrie Diddledigits Prejean to get Peter LaBarbera and Maggie Gallagher fawning all over her Holy Godly Morals, and now — not a word  about her, at least not from Peter. (Maggie’s NOM just ‘fired‘ her.)  Anybody with one eye, one ear and half a brain knew what a Lying Skank For Jesus she was right from the start.  These gullible christians think that all gay people are robots, programmed into a “lifestyle” — because that’s what they are told, and they believe what they are told to believe.

Pete and Mag should take a lesson from this Miss DiddleFingers meltdown of lies and scams that Pete won’t even acknowledge — this is just how they target and play their trusting audience; they twist fact and reality and purposely misquote professionals until they’re just as gullible, just waiting for the next Holy Word from O’ Infallible Leaders, or anyone tagging the name of Jesus.  This is the only way that their operations can survive — Repeat the lies until they believe the lies; manufacture phony threat crises to stir up the fear; sustain their fully trusting audience in ignorance and fear and on the defense and they have it made.  Tangible, proven facts and reality no longer matter!

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