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Exodus Says It’s No Miracle Cure – Well, Fuckin’ DUH!

Fionola Meredith of The Irish Times, “I love Jesus (but not in a gay way)” (via Truth Wins Out)writes about Exodus’ Alan Chambers’ coming visit to Northern Ireland for a “pray away the gay” conference —woo-hoo!  Chambers makes his tacit admission that “conversion therapy” just doesn’t work … and I say, “DUH!”   The whole article is a good read … (emphasis mine):

Chambers admits that the faith-based approach advocated by Exodus isn’t a miracle cure: “While some do absolutely see an eradication over time of their same-sex struggles, most see a lessening. Some see no change whatsoever. In my case, I did experience a great shift in my attractions . . . and when I met my wife, Leslie, the connection I felt with her was unmistakable – a deep unselfish love, very different than the selfish, self-focused lust/love I’d had for the men I’d fallen for.”

[face/palm] … where to begin?  First, congratulations, seriously, on finding that special someone … you know, like everybody else wants to do (even if that special someone is *gasp* the same sex).  And, it must take some kind of honesty to admit that the scam therapy doesn’t work, but why keep pushing it?  Oh, yeah, money.  O.K., so yeeeah, we know that heterosexual men and women never-ever marry for lust, or convenience, or status, or any other selfish reason … </sarcasm>  Of course, they do it all the time.  It’s also very sad and too bad that your life has been vapid and selfishly motivated.  But — speak for yourself.  This business of equating your lives to all gay people, this ‘all gay equals bad’, and ‘all hetero equals good’ really rubs me the wrong way.  I know people, both gay and straight, who are wonderful people, and some who ain’t so ‘wonderful’.

So doesn’t he ever feel tempted to go back to his old gay ways? “I am human and humans struggle. But the temptation for me is the same as it would be for any husband.” In coming to Ireland, Chambers says he hopes to “share an honest story about a man who once was lost but now is found. There are people in need of the same hope that I found; people who want to put God above their sexuality”.

… um, but dood … “any husband” of a woman doesn’t lust after other men.

British journalist Patrick Strudwick went undercover in a conversion program run by an associate of the disgraced sleezebag Iris Robinson.  Some more excerpts below (emphasis mine) but the whole article is very worth the read:

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Kirk McCambley Faked Cancer To End Sex Fling With Mrs. Robinson

First, lets add a couple more democratic party members (and the kid’s father, don’t forget) to the growing list of cocks that the “abominable” Mrs. Robinson has impaled herself on.  Jeezus, what a fundamentalist christian pedophile slut … who hasn’t she fucked?

Kirk McCambley ended the affair by telling the Mrs. that he had testicular cancer.

From PinkNewsUK:

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Iris Robinson Was Workin’ It With Boy-Toy’s Father, Too

Holy shite, the tawdry old geebag Iris Robinson, 60, has not only been workin’ that growler with her 19-year-old toy-boy (whom, she knew since he was NINE), she was ALSO getting her giblets stirred by the lad’s feckin’ Da.  (never thought I’d need a list of Irish Slang)

Word is that this sleazy scandal just might bring down the government.  But, not to worry … she’s really, really, really sorry.  (Seriously, I’ll give her some credit for accepting personal blame, but — dayemn!  When the hell did she have time to do her job?

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Coo-coo cu-choo, Iris Robinson, Jesus Loves You…

Iris Robinson - "Wicked Witch of the North" - Belfast Pride Parade

They sure love ol' Iris at Belfast Pride (click photo)

… more than you know, you hypocritical twat.  Yes, Jesus would probably (maybe) stop the queer citizens of Northern Ireland from STONING YOU TO DEATH, you lying, hypocritical, mentally ill, Pious Pedophile, “abomination” of a piece of human shit, with the goddamn gaul to dehumanize and condemn gay people.  How about some good old UK Sharia Law on your lying, adulterous ass.

And, this wonderful lady, who puts the ‘mental’ in fundamental, ordered half of the kickbacks she demanded to be funneled to her goddamn CHURCH (where her sister is the Pastor).  Fuck.

I LOVE the title of the post by Joe.My.God. … “CougarGate: Iris Robinson Took Thousands In Kickbacks From Her 19 Year Old Boytoy”

Iris Robinson knew Kirk McCambley since he was NINE YEARS OLD, grooming him the whole time?  isn’t that what goddamn pedophiles do?  The crazy bat even tried to commit suicide after the affair was disclosed to her husband, Peter.

Folks, it is ALWAYS the ones screaming the LOUDEST about the so-called “evils” of other people, so that they can divert attention away from the dirty doings they’re steeped in.

Sorry, fundaMENTALists piss me the hell off.

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