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Ugandan Tabloids Resume Outings And Calls To “Hang Them”

The Ugandan tabloid Rolling Stone (not in any way affiliated with the U.S. Rolling Stone magazine), run by Giles Muhame cashing in on the anti-gay hysteria, last week published names and photos of alleged gay Ugandan citizens with the headline “Hang Them!”

Afterwards, they were shut down by the government, but only temporarily, something having to do with their business license.  Now they are back in operation, and along with the competing Red Pepper and another tabloid, are running more photos and names of citizens, making them targets for violence.

Muhame falsely claims (CNN video at link) that nobody is being attacked because of this evil and inhumane propaganda and says he will keep doing it. Some of the citizens who were named in the first issue and human rights advocates, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) are filing legal action.

[UPDATE] – Good news!  Uganda’s high court has ordered the Rolling Stone tabloid to cease publishing these names and photos on grounds of violation of privacy.

The fires of anti-gay hysteria in Uganda were flamed by U.S. pastor/sociopath Scott Lively and other christianist sociopaths.  Lively is very proud of what they have accomplished in Uganda with their dark, twisted version of “christianity”.


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Ugandan Tabloid Headline: Hang Them!

Gay Ugandans are living in fear.

Uganda's Rollin Stone: HANG THEM

Inside page: HANG THEM

Scott Lively’s “nuclear bomb” on Uganda has exceeded all his hopes and dreams.  Anti-gay witch-hunts and violence have sky-rocketed since the conferences he attended in Kampala, new anti-gay legislation that includes the death penalty is pending in parliament, and tabloid papers are now calling for gays to be hanged, including alleged names and photos.  Scott Lively and the rest of his fellow christianists should be very proud of this outcome.

Ugandan tabloid Rolling Stone, "Hang them!"

Ugandan tabloid Rolling Stone

Scott Lively has even bragged about his work there and stated that the anti-gay bill is a “step in the right direction.”  Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Nevada also supports the bill and is a financial supporter of the diabolical pastor Martin Ssempa. [UPDATE: this church as recently said that they’ve dropped their support of Ssempa.]

“That sensationalist packaging and messaging is part of the religious right’s rhetoric in the United States, too, and especially for Lively’s conspiracy-minded assertions of a link between Nazism and homosexuality. Uganda merely provided Lively a more friendly stage; as he said in Kampala, “I can’t say this in America, but I can say it in Africa.” But as evidenced by Fischer’s frequent echoing of Lively’s writings, and the refusal of leading religious right and Republican figures to distance themselves from Fischer, in some domestic circles he certainly can say those things. In Uganda it translated into the AHB, which Lively has called a “step in the right direction.”

And, it is the direction that christianists like Scott Lively, Bryan Fischer, Lou Engle (to name just a few) would love to see in the United States.

Added: Another link on this from Religion Dispatches: “The US Religious Right and the LGBT Crisis In Uganda


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Scott Lively On The Daily Show

Scott Lively, the model Christian sociopath psychopath who dropped “a nuclear bomb against the gay agenda in Uganda” (his own words) and who is responsible for fueling the fires of hatred in other countries around the globe, was interviewed  by Jason Jones on The Daily Show about ending DADT.

I am not gay! Hrmph!
Christian sociopath Scott Lively on The Daily Show

After this fuckwit Lively explains that the Nazis persecuted gays in order to divert attention from their own gayness, the look on his face is priceless when Jason Jones says, “So, that which you hate the most, you secretly are.” After a beautifully uncomfortable pause (for Lively) and brow-raising from Jones, Lively retorts “I am not gay”, inflected with a “how dare you” tone. The audience howls, Jones says “I didn’t say you were.”  This video won’t embed, so click the link above or below.

via: Ex-Gay Watch

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AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Homos Have “No Limit” To Savagery, Brutality

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association just cannot get any lower than he already has, but he does … if you can tell.  Claiming some of the outrageous lies straight out of Scott Lively’s book “The Pink Swastika”, Fischer says homos, uh, the macho ones, have “no limit” to their savagery and brutality.  According to him only the “effeminate homosexuals” were killed, and Hitler, himself a homo, could not find any hetero soldiers to carry out his gruesome orders, so he recruited “macho homos” to do the job, and so, this is the “threat” homos pose to the U.S.

Bryan Fischer’s sociopathic BFF at the FRC, Peter Sprigg, stated two years ago that he would have homos rounded up and exiled from the country; recently he says that homos should be re-criminalized and “sodomy” laws reinstated.  Fischer wants homos incarcerated and force-converted.

Fischer and a whole host of other sociopathic christian extremists put themselves in the line of ridicule with every outlandish public statement they make. They flaunt their delusions in bold attempts to normalize sociopathic, hateful behavior towards other human beings. Their goal is to keep repeating it, louder and louder, until it becomes Truth – that every gay person is vicious, predatory, savage, brutal, demon-possessed, an abomination to “God”; say it louder over again until it becomes Truth – that “God” and the Bible commands and expects his True Followers to rise against this hideous Insidious Homosexual Entity – with violence.  It is going on now (the calls for blood, like, Lou Engle’s Call rallies.  Just the other day, Fischer said that “God is obviously looking for” True Followers to be modern-day Phinehases, and urged his audience to go out and kill heterosexuals who are “engaging in sexual immorality” – just like the Saudi morality police – just like Islamic honor-killings – no difference.)

And they will praise this violence and cite the Bible in defense when one of their God-warriors starts having holy hallucinations and rips loose on a crowd of queers.  These sociopaths poison children’s minds with hatred, pounding in the belief that they are called upon by “God” to go out and literally wage war on sinners, using force if necessary (e.g. Becky Fischer, Lou Engle).  And these are the men and women who have tremendous influence over our lawmakers and influencing their decisions on public policies that should not concern religion.  The same men and women who claim how “silenced” christians are.

YouTube link – Bryan Fischer – Hitler was gay ..

Also read Alvin McEwin “Peter Sprigg Supports “Criminal Sanctions” Against the Gay Community”

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Porno Pete’s (un)Official Diagnosis

Reaction formation” is the syko-logical term for what we already know about guys like Peter “Porno Pete” LaBarbera, guys like Matt BarberMartin Ssempa, Scott LivelyAndrás Király Neal Horsley … just to name a FEW homo-sex-obsessed sociopathic freaks.

If these christianists can throw out blanket pseudo-psychological diagnoses on an entire broad group of people without any credentials, then I can make my layman’s diagnosis.  Add to that different types of personality disorders, narcissistic, sociopathic.

The definition seems to have been custom-made for these guys.  From Wikipedia (emphasis added):

In a diagnostic setting, the existence of a reaction-formation rather than a ‘simple’ emotion would be suspected where exaggeration,compulsiveness and inflexibility were observed. For example,

“[r]eactive love protests too much; it is overdone, extravagant, showy, and affected. It is counterfeit, and […] is usually easily detected. Another feature of a reaction formation is its compulsiveness. A person who is defending himself against anxiety cannot deviate from expressing the opposite of what he really feels. His love, for instance, is not flexible. It cannot adapt itself to changing circumstances as genuine emotions do; rather it must be constantly on display as if any failure to exhibit it would cause the contrary feeling to come to the surface.

Reaction formation is sometimes described as one of the most difficult defenses for lay people to understand; this testifies not merely to its effectiveness as a disguise, but also to its ubiquity and flexibility as a defense that can be utilized in many forms.

[ … ]

Here’s the part that describes these very hetero, christian family values types to a tee:

A man who is overly aroused by pornographic material who utilizes reaction formation may take on an attitude of criticism toward the topic. He may end up sacrificing many of the positive things in his life, including family relationships, by traveling around the country to anti-pornography rallies. This view may become an obsession, whereby the man eventually does nothing but travel from rally to rally speaking out against pornography. He continues to do this, but only feels temporary relief, because thedeeply rooted arousal to an unacceptable behaviour such as watching pornography is still present, and underlying the implementation of the defense. At that point he can be said to have developed an obsessional personality above and beyond the defense mechanism.

When a strongly heterosexual individual is fearful of and/or hateful toward those who identify themselves as homosexual or bisexual, this may be an example of Freud’s theory, in that the personseeks to counteract their deep-seated and often untouched homosexual desires. A reaction formation is used to exaggerate heterosexual behavior outward, to relieve inward anxietyregarding homosexual desires.

… need it be any more clear?

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Scott Lively, Martin Ssempa Profiled On ABC

This is thankfully gaining more attention in “mainstream” press.  The direct ties are documented and undeniable: dangerous sociopath Scott Lively’s and other U.S. evangelicals’ ties to the Ugandan anti-gay legislation.  Lively denies all of it; then he’s proud of it, but maintains his innocence; Ugandan officials have given him credit for it; and then they say he wasn’t a factor; then he was …  Lies beget more lies, and these Death Ministers know no shame.

I can’t get the vid to embed, so here’s the link for the BTB post with video.  (Click the link in above paragraph for another blog’s post with video.)

ABC interviews dangerous sociopath Martin Ssempa

ABC's segment on Scott Lively

Clip of sociopath Scott Lively proudly dropping his "nuclear bomb" in Wganda


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Vile Sociopath Scott Lively Drops His “Nuclear Bomb” On Gays

Box Turtle Bulletin obtained videos of the VILE SOCIOPATH Scott Lively at his March 2009 conference in Kampala, Uganda.  See the three videos and read the reporting by Box Turtle Bulletin.  I imbedded the three videos after the fold.

A quote from the man who, today, vehemently denies any involvement in what is going on today in the Ugandan parliament:

“Our campaign was like a ‘nuclear bomb’ against the ‘gay’ agenda in Uganda” – Scott Lively, March 5, 2009

Specific Ugandan parliament members have even credited Lively and his cohorts for the inspiration behind the Bill.

The first video:

Continue reading


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