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The Second Coming Jewelry Sale

I think he’s like, serious, or something.


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Jesus Is Back – Three Of Him

A CBS video “I am the Son of God” … HOW can people believe this?  Three different messiahs; the Russian one really looks the part!  He’s got the whole “hippie Jesus” thing going on.  He and the con man in South Korea have thousands of followers.  The Korean con man lives in the most fantastic palace in the country, paid for by the tithes of people who make $2 a day.  The one in London lives in a squatter’s camp and has, like, no followers.  I love the end of the video when the little girl asks him “Are you Jesus” and he tells her yes.  Walking away, she retorts with the perfect, subtle tone of mockery, “No you’re not!” – Funny as hell.

Embedding is disabled, watch it at the link.

via: Proud Atheists

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Hijacker for Christ.

Hijacker for Christ

The brain of Josmar Flores Pereira is so burnt from alcohol and drugs. His wife said that her husband has been on the wagon for the past 17 years.  Ah, but it’s the 15 years before that –

Josmar, now a ‘minister’, had just spent a week at a “religious meeting” and decided the only way he could spread the message about Christ’s imminent return was to — hijack a jetliner?

The Mrs. said, “He’s a man who was transformed by the power of God.” — I’d bet there are a few passengers who would like to transform this guy’s face.

This is an extreme example for my contention that most of these christians have suffered some kind of life trauma, or drug addiction, you name it.

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