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Protect the Children (and mean it)

Via Joe.My.God.:

Rob Tisinai sends us another of his excellent videos, this one prompted in part by the Prop 8 trial lies of Hak-Shing William Tam, who infamously claimed that the ultimate goal is gay activists is to legalize sex with children. Read Rob’saccompanying post and watch this excellent deconstruction of the lies used against us.


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“Dr.” Tam, Hostile Witness, Testifies

Pardon me, but I am pissed off and feeling hostile myself.  Jeezus, this dumb-fuck “Dr.” Tam is one of the biggest goddam pussies I have seen in a long time.  This stupid pedophile-looking motherfucker TESTIFIES in a Court of LAW with already discredited lies that he read on Teh Internets and he believes it (and, he’s a “doctor”).  Stupid motherfucker says he can’t understand English very well, “they all sound alike, English is not my mother tongue” — YET, Mr. can’t-understand-English motherfucker runs a goddamn anti-gay website in English … Mr. can’t-understand-English motherfucker was one of the people running the goddam Proposition 8 drive.


"Dr." William Tam

“Dr.” Tam has the no-nuts to want to DROP OUT when he is legally challenged on a discrimination-driven hate campaign that he had a major part in leading.

Stupid ass Tam’s face is splashed all over a case that he’s responsible for and that he’s is too chicken-shit to be seen associated with it?  My head hurts.  Then I start cussing … (ok, my head doesn’t need to hurt for me to cuss).

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