Boies Debunks Perkins’ Lies On Face The Nation

Tony Perkins FRC christian LIAR

Tony Perkins FRC christian LIAR

David Boies, one of the attorneys in the Prop 8 case, puts the smack-down on Professional Christian Liar Tony Perkins of the Family “Research” Council.  As usual, Perkins has his trademark smirk of absurdity on his face when Boies tells him that it’s easy to stir up fear and emotion, to “quote studies that don’t exist or don’t say what you say they do” (oooh, ouch! but it’s the truth, they lie through their teeth), that you can get away saying pretty much anything in campaign ads and literature, but once you enter the court of law under oath and cross-examination, you have to back up those opinions and claims, and because they’re all lies, they “melt away”, says Boies.

These asshole christianist leaders, like Perkins, are pathological liars who are going to keep pushing this issue and they are going to keep losing (hopefully) because religion is pure fucking bullshit that has zero evidence.  None.    Nor can they produce any evidence of “harm” by same-sex couples getting married. None.

Religion has been used throughout the history of this country to legally impose bias against “lesser” citizens and every time it’s challenged, it has demonstrated that the rights of minorities cannot be put to a public vote.

Go to Box Turtle Bulletin (same link as in first paragraph) for the videos of Boies v. Perkins on Face the Nation, and another video of Ted Olson on Fox News defending the “activist judge” accusations.  Also, check out the good commentary on Good As You, where scumbag Tony Perkins’ history of evil deeds is nicely summed up.


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