Louisiana Man Charged With Attempted Murder In Violent Anti-Gay Attack

Surveillance video shows that a vicious attack on 52-year-old John Skaggs in a Shreveport, Louisiana tavern was totally unprovoked.  Several eye witnesses, including the owner of the Sandbar, said the victim was a regular patron at the bar and never bothered anyone, and had never even made eye contact with the attacker, William Payne.  Payne had told someone in the bar that he knew Skaggs was gay and that he was going to go beat him up.  Fucking sick.

face of ignorance: gaybasher William Payne


This comes from only one place: the church.  Christian leaders are working overtime to desensitize their flocks to violence and to encourage them to break the law (as declared in the Manhattan Declaration by Chuck Colson, a convicted felon from the Nixon administration).

[link]Shreveport man charged with hate crime and attempted murder.


Security personnel reportedly told police that Payne allegedly assaulted a bar patron. Further investigation revealed that Payne, according to police had hit the victim, who officers identify as 52-year-old John Skaggs, using the blunt end of a pool cue, which caused serious facial injury to his eye socket and jawbone area.

Witness tell police that Payne was also heard moments before the attack, allegedly making physical threats toward the victim because of the victim’s sexual preference.


[link]Police: Man was attacked for sexual orientation.


“It was totally 100 percent a hate crime for this sexual orientation,” said Huck.

The bar provided police with video surveillance. Huck says it’s disturbing, and shows Payne who is a large man, breaking the cue stick over Skaggs’ face with one powerful blow.

“His hand was all the way back, and he’s swinging like a baseball bat, after three aggressive steps in,” said Huck.

Shreveport police believe that the video will be powerful evidence of the alleged attack, and management at the Sandbar believes it will also help distinguish between a crime and a hate crime.

“At no point in time had he talked to the man that attacked him, bumped him. After watching the video and from witnesses they hadn’t even made any form of eye contact or anything,” said Huck.

Huck considers Skaggs a friend, and says he can’t understand why someone would want to hurt him.

“Literally just enjoying a drink, in here four or five times a week, and never bothers anyone,” said Huck [the bar owner].

When considering an upgrade of the charges from battery to attempted 2nd degree murder, investigators say they considered the total evidence, which includes witness testimony that indicates Payne made some threatening comments, and the video provided from the surveillance cameras.





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2 responses to “Louisiana Man Charged With Attempted Murder In Violent Anti-Gay Attack

  1. You know,this reminds me of a study I saw once. They interviewed several college students and seperated the ones who claimed they had no problem w/homosexuals(presumably they’d be the control group) and ones that did. They attached penile arousal detectors to the penis’s of both groups,then got them to watch male gay porn. To a person,those who claimed they had a problem w/homosexuality experienced sexual arousal,while those who claimed they didn’t have a problem w/it,didn’t. I grew up in the church,and hated glbt ppl all my life..til I realized @ age 23 that I was a lesbian. I’ve read the bible,and evidently there’s some *really* fine print to the verse ‘love thy neighbor’ that says ‘until thy neighbor is not exactly like thee’. I’m happy now,I’ve been with the love of my life(a beautiful woman) for 8 yrs now,and my marriage certainly seems more stable than many of their ‘normal’ ones.

  2. thats my dad and if any of u got any thaing to say about him u say it to his face hes a loyal man and deservs respect………………………

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