Canadian Gay Couple’s Home Firebombed After Christian Threats

”]A quiet gay couple, who townsfolk say are just nice, normal people who kept to themselves, woke up in the early morning hours on October 18, 2010 to a firebomb smashing through the bedroom window.  The house burned to the ground and they barely escaped with their dog and their lives.



The man said there were a series of disturbing events that have happened at their house since May that began with an anonymous card he received shortly after the couple moved into the area.

“We received a note in our mailbox … telling us the sins of what we were doing.”

He described it as “a church card in an envelope … with church sayings on it.” He said it contained a printed phrase condemning gay sexuality as sinful. The police now have the card, he said.

A week before the house fire, the couple’s mailbox was set ablaze, he said.

“There’s been ongoing things,” he said. “We were fearful … I slept with a pitchfork in the bedroom.”

He said other events also occurred but he couldn’t disclose details without harming the police investigation.

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CBC News Canada


Community support for the couple is growing.

On Sunday, Rev. Beth Johnston of nearby Dundas United Church spoke from the pulpit to urge tolerance and support. Some in the community have started to gather donations.

“Hate is not a value of Eastern Kings and we’re not like that,” Johnston said Monday. “We want to be a place where people — all people — can live in safety.”

There are no suspects in the case.

The men say that someone planted women’s underwear in their clothes dryer just a few days before the firebomb.  Islanders routinely leave their doors unlocked. From National Post:

When the couple moved to Prince Edward Island five years ago, they were certain they would live in the village of Little Pond forever — that they would be buried there together among the sprawling swathes of country land.

But yesterday, days after their home was intentionally set ablaze while they slept inside, the two men told friends they were thinking of leaving the island altogether.

“I think they might leave the province; I hate to say it,” said Maureen Campbell, who visited with the men, aged 47 and 52, at her home yesterday afternoon. “I just don’t know where they’ll go…. Their vision was that they would live here forever.”


“When they moved here they thought to themselves, ‘This is it: We’re going to be happy here, we’re going to be buried here,’ ” Ms. Campbell said.


And some sick christianist bigot terrorist tried to make sure they were buried sooner than later.  I hope they find out who did this.



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