British Muslims Encouraged To Attack Democracy

British Islamist Abu Mounis at the December 2010 “Islamic Awakening Conference” calling for Muslims to attack democracy and replace it with Islam.  It’s not enough, he says, to preach to the few and convert a few.  He says they must make all of society bow down and submit to Allah.

Hey, I got something to tell ya: Fuck your imaginary ‘allah’.  The Qu’ran is the incredibly poor writings of a paranoid schizophrenic sex abuser.  Judaism, Christianity — all made up, all proven false by science and archaeology; Jesus and most of those characters never existed.  Kinda fucks up any credibility for Islam, let alone it’s own failings.




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3 responses to “British Muslims Encouraged To Attack Democracy

  1. Man

    These people are dangerous and must be stopped. They are the same barbarians who conquered southern Europe and northern Africa in the sixth century, stealing, destroying, killing and taking prisoner slaves. Their holy toilet paper roll has made them crazy.

    • Tom

      “…stealing, destroying, killing and taking prisoner slaves…”

      Just like the murderous christians did across Europe and the Americas until civilization and secularism got them under control. Islam is 500 years behind, still in barbaric phase like christianity was.

  2. john

    we should kick them in the ass while they’re praying !

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