Devout Parents Must Indoctrinate Kids

Great post on“Devout parents claim they must indoctrinate their children”, here’s a quote:


To understand the harm you may be doing, commit to reading the personal stories people post to for 30 days. Look hard at exactly what the result of childhood indoctrination produces, not the rosy picture you have painted in your mind. Start paying attention to how people that leave are treated. Know that a large number of children do leave their childhood faith as soon as they are out from under their parents despotic supervision. Many drift into other religions because it is extremely difficult to escape the results of childhood indoctrination.

[…] is a great site if you haven’t checked it out.


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One response to “Devout Parents Must Indoctrinate Kids

  1. Shay

    Wow. This blog is completely biased. And has about the same effect as Nazi propaganda. Good job 🙂 Sorry dude, but becoming so emotionally charged on this topic will only show that you are about as narrow as the people you accuse. If you really practice what you preach about Christianity (or religions in general) being a constraining, dehumanizing, stupid, etc., do a little more research about the world and little more critical thinking, please. Objectively.

    By the way, I think your religion of freeing yourself from the “delusions” the world has to offer is pretty hilarious as well ;).

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