Religious Beliefs Vs. Rights Of Kids To Not Be Told They’re Defective

There’s an article on Voice Online (UK) “Are Christians facing a modern form of persecution?” regarding the foster parenting case of Eunice and Owen Johns and the “growing concern over ‘religions discrimination.'” Um, no, Christians, you’re not being persecuted — not in Western nations.  Talk to a Christian in Pakistan and then get back with us on this “persecution” thing you think you’re going through.  Idiots.

Lord Justice Munby and Mr Justice Beatson ruled that laws protecting people from discrimination because of their sexual orientation “should take precedence” over the right not to be discriminated against on religious grounds.

They’re damn right!  It is very clear what the Abrahamic religions dictate as punishments for human sexuality and what their rules are for disciplining children, women and unbelievers.  Therefore, it is crystal clear why these “religious grounds” cannot take precedence over rational thought and basic human rights in a court of law.  Sorry ’bout that, Abrahamists, but sane members of society are on to you.  Most unbelievers have already been where you are, subscribing to a delusion.

The Pentecostal Christian couple, who have fostered children in the past, said more people of faith need to stand firm against laws that infringe their right to follow their religious beliefs.

Nobody has stopped these people from following their religious beliefs.  They are practicing their beliefs right now, believing that certain people are ‘sinful’.  Absolutely nobody has stopped them from doing this.  Nobody has stopped them from going to church or praying to Jesus or any other lawful thing they wish to do with their religion.  As nice as these folks probably are — but fuck, who knows? they could be a couple of Stephen Greens — like all religionists, they’re full of shit.

Anyway, I left a comment after the Voice Online article:

Should adoption be allowed to a religious couple, say, like Fred Phelps? He has a whole family severely abused and damaged by his religious beliefs.  Or should adoption be allowed to a couple who believes in faith healing and believes medical intervention is sinful? (Followers of Christ Church in Oregon, for example, who have a graveyard full of children.) Or to a couple who takes the Bible’s beating of kids with rods literally?  (added for this post: Examples: famous Christian wife-beater and child-abuser Stephen Green of the UK, and the Caminiti brothers, who put the ‘sin’ in Wisconsin.)

How far do we allow religious beliefs to go? ‘Religious’ is NOT a synonym for ‘good’. It is NOT a free ticket to do anything one can justify by one’s personal interpretation of a very bad book.

A lot of religious people do some really terrible things to children. It’s documented.And, even if a kid does not turn out gay, religious indoctrination can sear persons’ minds with horrible, unnecessary guilt that often drives them to self-destructive behavior.

I have no doubts Mr and Mrs Jones are nice people, but they say they follow the Bible — who knows what the hell that means? Given the above, what *will* their “Biblical beliefs” do to kids they foster?
And now I’m being sarcastic with the following: They follow the Bible, so, are they going to stone to death an unruly child, *just like the Bible commands* in Leviticus?If they had a female child who grew up and then had sex before marriage, thus ‘defiling’ herself for her future husband, would they allow her to be taken and stoned to death *just like the Bible says*?

The Ten Commandments, for example. Christians love to talk about the Ten Commandments and I bet if you asked Mr/Mrs Jones, they would say “oh yes, we follow the Ten Commandments!” Well, the penalty for most of them is *death*. – working on the sabbath? Death! sassing your parents? Death! believing in another god or gods? Death!This is why the argument over displaying the 10 C’s amuses me. They are a good thing? Really?

Says Mrs Jones, “We’re not old fashioned, instead we are Bible-believing Christians that believe everything that the Bible says, and I’m going to stand and follow what it says.”
Face it, there are plenty of reasons to scrutinize religious beliefs because they are just downright ^crazy^, and it’s time that religious people get used to the reality that when someone touts their “deeply held religious beliefs”, it is a cause for concern.



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