Christianity Explained In One Tweet

I think I’ll pass:

Accepting Jesus sounds like a really fucked up thing to do.

Oh, but wait! – there’s some more of his gems of patriotic Christian wisdom and goodness, and are good reminders of why religion is a mental illness:

"Jesus loves you, you disgusting piece of shit!"

"Yeah! Fuck them dyke unions!"

Matthew 5:22, beeotch!

As my Lord and Savior says: "Go screw yourself!"

Yea, verily, Jesus said, "Go suck your brother's dick, you whore!"

Fuck yeah, Jesus! w00t w00t!!1


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One response to “Christianity Explained In One Tweet

  1. asl4090

    Hahahahaha!!!! My chest hurts, I’ve been laughing so hard. “Jesus loves you…I think you’re a zero.” lol. Good stuff. Thanks

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