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Pole Dancing For Jesus

Ain’t shittin’ ya: Facebook page Best Shape of Your Life

Bring your church program and pole dance for Jesus!.via Saint Godless

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Christianity Explained In One Tweet

I think I’ll pass:

Accepting Jesus sounds like a really fucked up thing to do.

Oh, but wait! – there’s some more of his gems of patriotic Christian wisdom and goodness, and are good reminders of why religion is a mental illness:

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David Fitzgerald On The (Non)Existence Of Jesus

An excellent talk, well worth the hour.


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The Second Coming Jewelry Sale

I think he’s like, serious, or something.

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The Jesus Con

Here’s a good read on the complete historical absence of any mention of Jesus of the Bible.  It is a complete fabrication.  Here’s an excerpt, emphasis added:


Due to modern science these are now recognized as forgeries by all scholars both Christian and secular. A total of about 40 to 50 interpolated lines are the only supporting evidence of the existence of J.C. a man-god who supposedly shook up the whole world of that period.

The other historians of that time, Arrian, Lucius Seneca (4 BC – 65 AD) Dion Pruseus, Pliny the Elder, Pater Calus, Suetonius, Juvenal, Theon of Smyran, Martial, Phlegon, Persius, Pompon Mela, Plutarch, Quintus Curtius, Lucian, Apollonius, Pausanias, Valerius Flaccus, Quintilian, Forus Lucius, Lucanus, Phaedrus, Epictetus, Damis, Silius Italicus, Alulus Geuius, Statius, Ptolemy, Columella, Diochry Sostom, Hermogones, Lysias, Valerius Maxiimus, Cornelius, Titus Livius, Cluvius Rufus, Publius Petronius (the Roman consul) who lived in Jerusalem. All these heard nothing, not a word was written about J.C.

These historians wrote about early religions but never mentioned J.C. or the spectacular events that the church said accompanied J.C.’s life. It is easy to come to the conclusion that the J.C. story is pure fiction. The deafening silence by all the historians and writers of that era is the most damning proof that J.C. never existed, and all the stories that the church promoted to try and back up a non-existing character are all made up of myths and legends of past gods.

The church and believers have no answer to this although they trot out various excuses from time to time. This evidence is set in concrete. The god of the Hebrews did not exist before the 6th century BC. All deities who preexisted were named — Brahma, Horus, Osiris, Isis, Marduk, Ahuramazda.

After these there were many others — Allah had to wait till the 5th century AD to be invented by Muhammad.

It is all summed up very nicely by Pope Leo X (Giovanni De Medice) who was Pope 1513-1521. At a Vatican feast he toasted with a glass of wine held high, “How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us and our predecessors…” The Church  tried to hide this unsuccessfully, because it was recorded by two who were present, Cardinals Bembo and Jovius.


.. the Jesus con ..


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Jesus Christ Gets Fried

Jesus on fire

Jesus, after smiting

One of the funniest things to happen in a while!  God smote the church but spared the adult shops across the highway.  And the bad part is they want to rebuild this tacky Jesus statue.  All that money, $250k on an ostentatious piece of shit “art”,  could have been used to actually help people.

Religious leaders are always pointing to the wrath of gOd whenever earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, etc.  happen.  It’s always a “sign”.  What do they say about this?  Clearly gOd is pissed at the Church!

“Zeus-1 Jesus-0” – very funny post. And this one: “Stupid Statue of Jesus…More Christian Stupidity”

UPDATE: This church, the Solid Rock Church, hosts a cure-the-gays ministry.  So perfect!  Clearly, gOd is angry with the ex-gay ministries.  This is only a warning to them.

Touchdown Jesus before smiting

Jesus, before smiting

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Jesus Is Back – Three Of Him

A CBS video “I am the Son of God” … HOW can people believe this?  Three different messiahs; the Russian one really looks the part!  He’s got the whole “hippie Jesus” thing going on.  He and the con man in South Korea have thousands of followers.  The Korean con man lives in the most fantastic palace in the country, paid for by the tithes of people who make $2 a day.  The one in London lives in a squatter’s camp and has, like, no followers.  I love the end of the video when the little girl asks him “Are you Jesus” and he tells her yes.  Walking away, she retorts with the perfect, subtle tone of mockery, “No you’re not!” – Funny as hell.

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via: Proud Atheists

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