Pole Dancing For Jesus

Ain’t shittin’ ya: Facebook page Best Shape of Your Life

Bring your church program and pole dance for Jesus!.via Saint Godless

And here is the story with video from MyFoxHouston:



She’s the only one doing pole dancing for Jesus in Houston and perhaps in the country.

The coverage on MyFoxHouston has raised some confused and very critical eyebrows, with commenters comparing her to Satan and calling pole dancing “a vehicle for sins of the flesh,” but Dean doesn’t mind and defends herself with her faith.

“It’s a good thing. It reminds me that we’re all human,” she said. “I think most of the people who criticize it are ignorant about the history of the pole.”


Yes, I am ignorant of the history of the pole.  But, this is still funny as hell.



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2 responses to “Pole Dancing For Jesus

  1. Amanda

    Im gonna tell you, I know this family. her husband is a DJ strip club DJ and the girl in the video with the arm tattoo, her husband is too and thats how they met. She and her husband dont go to Church every Sunday if even ever month.
    But she got free advertising.

  2. Tom

    Thanks, that there is funny.

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